ONLYOFFICE - ownCloud Integration conquering new horizons
2021-09-27, 14:05–14:30, Conference Room

ONLYOFFICE integrated with ownCloud allows you to easily create a full-featured customized working environment with online document collaboration, no matter if you are sitting in the office or working from home.
Since our last talk at the ownCloud Conference 2019, a lot happened. We continue to make ONLYOFFICE-ownCloud integration better every day. We do our best to keep pace with our partners and bring to life all the exciting ideas from our users. And we are just eager to share all the novelties and cool things with you!

In our presentation we’ll cover:
- a brief overview of ONLYOFFICE Docs and its main enhancements over the year (such as Dark Theme, new scaling, conditional formatting, data validation, and more)
- latest achievements in ONLYOFFICE-ownCloud integration: mentions in comments, support for custom templates, marking files as favorites, Force Save (also for Federated Share instances), file preview generation, Version History right in the editor, etc.
- ONLYOFFICE support of ownCloud Web
- WOPI as a new option to connect ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud
- developing our custom integration for ownCloud Infinite Scale, what will be especially interesting for large companies and enterprises
- some insights into our future plans, e.g. introducing Smart Forms as a whole new era in ONLYOFFICE development