ownCloud powered by Threefold
2021-09-27, 14:30–14:50, Conference Room

A global, decentralised, self healing, endlessly scalable, quantum safe, storage and file collaboration solution.

ThreeFold and ownCloud recognize the need for a more secure, more scalable and more cost effective global infrastructure platform that compliments the USP's of ownCloud product itself and further meets the key attributes demanded by more and more customers today: including data sovereignity and privacy, true decentralization, no lock in, scalability, ultra security (to name a few).
Threefold technology and the Threefold Grid offers such an infrastructure platform and meet these exact attributes demanded by the customers today. A truly decentralized compute and storage network ensuring the privacy and sovereignty of customer data, a quantum safe file system, scalability, cost efficiency and ultimately a digital infrastructure that is far more sustainable for our planet.