Easy and maintainable ownCloud setups in Active Directory environments
2018-09-19, 10:45–11:30, Keynote Room BB007

To hook up ownCloud to Active Directory can be tedious and
error prone. Administrators increase their options in such environments
by relying on Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The ownCloud setup for
AD is simplified and maintainability is increased. This talk is about
the challenge and the use cases UCS offers to administrators that have
to deal with Microsoft Active Directory environments and want to use

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is one operating platform for ownCloud
and the backbone of the official ownCloud Appliance.

To hook up ownCloud to Active Directory is a manual process and can be
tedious and error prone. It requires documentation reading and testing.

Having ownCloud on UCS allows three options for running ownCloud in an
Active Directory environment:

  1. UCS is part of the AD domain.

  2. UCS provides a seperate domain that is synchronized with AD.

  3. UCS replaces AD and takes over all the directory data.

In all cases, users in AD can authenticate with ownCloud as soon as they
are activated in UCS. Customers have an increased flexibility for how
they use ownCloud in their Active Directory environment. It increases
their options on how to deal with Active Directory in the future.
Furthermore, the administrative efforts are reduced, because of the
maintained operating platform Univention Corporate Server.

The talk is shortly about the challenges of setting up ownCloud in AD
environments and then pans to the benefits UCS offers for ownCloud in
such environments.

On UCS systems with ownCloud installed, the Active Directory Connector
is the next most installed app together with ownCloud. Thus, this topic
is very relevant to ownCloud users.