Flexible, enterprise grade two factor authentication for your ownCloud
09-20, 10:00–13:00 (Europe/Berlin), Workshop Room BB110

Protect your data with the most flexible, enterprise grade two factor authentication. Everything under your control.

Many cloud services make it easy to store our data and make it available anytime, everywhere.
But keeping control over your own data is crucial to many business, today. ownCloud can keep you in the driver seat as far as controlling access to your data is concerned.

But what about the access to your data? Are the users' passwords safe? You can not know this and this is why adding a second factor to ownCloud increases your data security even more.

privacyIDEA is a two factor authentication system, which you can use to manage authentication devices for all your users. You can connect ownCloud to privacyIDEA so that users need to use these centrally managed authentication devices when accessing the data.

In this workshop we will set up and configure an environment of ownCloud, protect it with 2nd factors managed by privacyIDEA. We will take a look at different type of 2nd factors like smartphone apps, SMS, email, yubikeys or other hardware tokens. And we will take a deeper look at the enhanced capabilities of privacyIDEA, how it can help you to automate tasks, design workflows and add secure authentication at many different places in your network.

Cornelius is into multi factor authentication since 2004. He is the project lead of the multi factor authentication system privacyIDEA.

As a consultant Cornelius learnt to unterstand customers requirements in heterogenous networks first hand. He planned and implemented several public key infrastructures for smartcard usage and was one of the first to work on the interoperability of the Aladdin eToken between Windows and Linux.

In 2006 he started one of the the first open source one time password systems implementing the HOTP algorithm. In 2009 he initiated an enterprise OTP solution as product manager. In 2014 he kicked off the open source privacyIDEA project. It is a vendor independent authentication system, which can be used to manage arbitrary authentication objects to implement many different ways of multi factor authentication. privacyIDEA suppors several authentication protocols like PAM, RADIUS, SAML or LDAP. In 2014 Cornelius also founded the company NetKnights to provide consultancy for strong and secure authentication.

During the last years Cornelius spoke at several conferences in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Belgium, in Denmark and in the U.S.