“ownCloud Android app in review heaven” David González · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

In this lightning talk, I will go through some keys to achieve better reviews in an Android app and how we have implemented them in the ownCloud Android app.

“Easy and maintainable ownCloud setups in Active Directory environments” Nico Gulden · Talk (45 minutes)

To hook up ownCloud to Active Directory can be tedious and
error prone. Administrators increase their options in such environments
by relying on Univention Corporate Server (UCS). The ownCloud setup for
AD is simplified and maintainability is increased. This talk is about
the challenge and the use …

“'Real-time document collaboration'” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)

'Collabora Online provides ownCloud with an easy-to-integrate, scalable, secure, collaborative document editing app. Come and hear an enthusiastic descroption.'

“How to integrate the new ownCloud iOS SDK in your app” Pablo Carrascal · Workshop (2 hours)

We rewrote from scratch the iOS app and the iOS SDK, so there is a new powerful SDK that is easy to integrate on every app you want. In this workshop, I'll teach you how easy it is to create a new app with the SDK and how to integrate it with an existing app.

“Deploy ownCloud on Kubernetes/Swarm” Thomas Boerger · Talk (45 minutes)

I will demonstrate the deployment of ownCloud with our official Docker images on Kubernetes and Swarm

“CI/CD of ownCloud new iOS App with Bitrise and Fastlane” Javier Gonzalez · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

During this talk we will see how we use on the new iOS app Bitrise for Continues Integration and Bitrise with Fastlane for Continues Deployment.

“Present & Future of the oC mobile apps” Jesus Recio, Michael Stingl, Lead Engineer ownCloud Desktop & Mobile, ownCloud GmbH · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

Review of the status of ownCloud mobile apps: what's new and challenges for the close future.

“Felix von Leitner: (Fefes Blog) Admin Antipatterns” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)

Felix von Leitner will give a talk on Admin Antipatterns.

“Performance testing of OwnCloud using VirtualBox and Apache JMeter” Jean-Marie de Boer · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

I will demonstrate how I use VirtualBox, vagrant, ansible and Apache Jmeter to run reproducable performance tests of different versions of OwnCloud.

“Document Classification and Policy Enforcement with ownCloud” Patrick Maier, Senior Product Manager, ownCloud GmbH · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)


“DAVdroid / Managed DAVdroid / dav4android” Bernhard Stockmann / Ricki Hirner · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

We will talk about DAVdroid as well as its underlying library dav4android and how it can be used in other projects.

“Rocket.Chat ownCloud Integration” Semih Serhat Karakaya · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

Rocket.Chat is an open-source web chat server. With the next release of Rocket.Chat, ownCloud and Rocket.Chat will be able to work together by using WebDAV. This speech is a short introduction to these features.

“Customer Portal: ownCloud as a Platform” Tom Needham · Talk (45 minutes)


“Microsoft Office Online Server Integration with ownCloud” Thomas Müller · Talk (45 minutes)

This talk is about the upcoming Office Online Server integration which is currently being developed by ownCloud engineers

“GDPR compliance with ownCloud” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)


“Flexible, enterprise grade two factor authentication for your ownCloud” Cornelius Kölbel · Workshop (2 hours)

Protect your data with the most flexible, enterprise grade two factor authentication. Everything under your control.

“From Idea to Published: Build an App in 30 Minutes.” Tom Needham · Talk (45 minutes)


“ownCloud Foundation - A huge Milestone for the Project” Christian Schmitz · Talk (45 minutes)

The ownCloud Foundation will focus on supporting the collaboration of the developer community and establishing different working groups. Other tasks are further technical improvement, knowledge exchange and any community related activities.

“ownCloud 11 - The strategic approach to the future of ownCloud” Felix Böhm · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

ownCloud 11 marks a turning point for the ownCloud Development

“Welcome to ownCloud Conference 2018” Unnamed user · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

Welcome to the ownCloud Conference 2018!

“Calendar 1.6: New recurrence features” Julian Müller · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

I am talking about our new calendar version 1.6 and it's features

“Deep Dive into ownCloud Storage Scaling” Jörn Friedrich Dreyer, Principal Engineer ownCloud Infinite Scale, ownCloud GmbH · Workshop (2 hours)


“ONLYOFFICE: seamless collaboration for your enterprise” Ksenia Fedoruk, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, ONLYOFFICE · Talk (45 minutes)

We'll briefly present ONLYOFFICE and tell the audience what we're doing and planning in terms of our integration with ownCloud.

“Desktop Client latest features and highlights” Olivier Goffart · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

Overview and presentations of the recently added features to the desktop clients.

“Hackfest” Unnamed user · Workshop (2 hours)

All day long we find together in small working groups and hack on stuff we want to achieve together.

“Hackfest” Unnamed user · Workshop (2 hours)

All day long we find together in small working groups and hack on stuff we want to achieve together.

“Phoenix - Standalone ownCloud web-app with Vue.js, UIKit3 and Webpack.” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)


“Phoenix - Hands-on workshop: frontend for apps workshop for Phoenix (Webpack, VueJS, etc), with a little note how to integrate with OC 10 if needed” Unnamed user · Workshop (2 hours)


“My first year with Event-sourcing” Tim Huijzers · Talk (45 minutes)

Over the last couple of years, I have heard of Event sourcing but didn't really know where to start until I did a tutorial at DPC '17. After having some basic information it was time to start a Hackathon and after that something production worthy . In this talk I will try to give the best informati…

“Lock-out unbranded ownCloud clients with OAuth” Hauke Melius · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

Demo how to prevent that unbranded ownCloud Clients (Desktop/iOS/Android) are able to log in to your ownCloud instance - thanks to OAuth.

“ownCloud Server - Latest News and Roadmap” Patrick Maier, Senior Product Manager, ownCloud GmbH, Vincent Petry · Talk (45 minutes)

In this talk we will review the changes and new features of the past year within ownCloud Server and give an outlook of where our journey is going.

“How much do you know about ownCloud?” David Toledo Celada · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

How much do you know about ownCloud? The definitely Quiz

“Data_exporter app showcase - live demo” Juan Pablo Villafáñez · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

The data_exporter aims to migrate user data from one server to another. This live demo will showcase the app

“Kopano” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)


“Security Theater - the problems on OSI Layers 8 and above” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)


“ownCloud Admin Basics” Cornelius Wachinger · Workshop (2 hours)

Learn the basics of ownCloud administration.

“Discipline and punish: Data Privacy in the times of decentralized Surveillance.” Unnamed user · Talk (45 minutes)

Michel Foucault showed the transformation punishment from the individual body to a more economic way of Punishment. I will show how this translates to modern web, and data services.

“GSoC with ownCloud” Oshan Ivantha · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

Overview of GSoC 2018 project with ownCloud.

“From NSIS to MSI: Deploying the ownCloud Client on Windows” Dominik Schmidt · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

Shed some light on the change to MSI.
Show usage of the .msi and ask for feedback.

“The ownCloud Outlook plugin.” Unnamed user · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

Frank Böttcher will showcase the ownCloud Outlook Plugin

“Vue.js Framework Insights” Carsten Schildknecht, Marlin Baumgart · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)


“Docker environment for OwnCloud in combination with Object Storage” Unnamed user, Unnamed user · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

Currently we’re also building a Docker environment for OwnCloud in combinatie with Object Storage.

“Large Scale ownCloud Deployments on public Cloud Providers (AWS,Azure)” Patrick Jahns · Workshop (2 hours)


“Delivering Continous Testing for large open source projects: Drone CI” Patrick Jahns · Workshop (2 hours)


“Updating ownCloud and semantic versioning” Felix Böhm · Workshop (2 hours)

Discussion on howTo improve operations and updates.
Version schema for core and apps: semantic versioning.

“The ownCloud Partnership Strategy” Jörg Eberwein · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

How ownCloud enables Partners to generate revenue

“Monitoring ownCloud” Patrick Jahns · Workshop (2 hours)

Showcases and discussion on how to monitor ownCloud setups

“From application to service development” Hugo Gonzalez Labrador · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

ownCloud offers a great platform for developing applications that can integrate a variety of services, from document editing apps to image previews and more. After running the CERNBox service for the last 5 years, an ownCloud based cloud sync and share for CERN, we have identified that as more inte…

“What is special in CERNBox?” Hugo Gonzalez Labrador · Lightning Talk (10 minutes)

CERNBox is based on ownCloud for providing sync and share to more than 14,000 users.
Besides this use case, CERNBox expands the ownCloud platform to provide advance use cases to the scientific community at CERN.

“Building the ownCloud Client in a unified cross-platform way with KDE Craft” Dominik Schmidt · Talk 30 Minutes (30 minutes)

Building the ownCloud Client can be challenging and cumbersome. How can KDE Craft help us?