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“'Real-time document collaboration'”

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“Felix von Leitner: (Fefes Blog) Admin Antipatterns”

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“GDPR compliance with ownCloud”

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“Welcome to ownCloud Conference 2018”

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“Hackfest” | “Hackfest”

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“Phoenix - Standalone ownCloud web-app with Vue.js, UIKit3 and Webpack.” | “Phoenix - Hands-on workshop: frontend for apps workshop for Phoenix (Webpack, VueJS, etc), with a little note how to integrate with OC 10 if needed”

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“Security Theater - the problems on OSI Layers 8 and above”

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“Discipline and punish: Data Privacy in the times of decentralized Surveillance.”

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“The ownCloud Outlook plugin.”

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“Docker environment for OwnCloud in combination with Object Storage”

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“Docker environment for OwnCloud in combination with Object Storage”

Bernhard Stockmann / Ricki Hirner

“DAVdroid / Managed DAVdroid / dav4android”

Carsten Schildknecht

“Vue.js Framework Insights”

Christian Schmitz

“ownCloud Foundation - A huge Milestone for the Project”

Cornelius Kölbel

“Flexible, enterprise grade two factor authentication for your ownCloud”

Cornelius Wachinger

“ownCloud Admin Basics”

David González

“ownCloud Android app in review heaven”

David Toledo Celada

“How much do you know about ownCloud?”

Dominik Schmidt

“From NSIS to MSI: Deploying the ownCloud Client on Windows” | “Building the ownCloud Client in a unified cross-platform way with KDE Craft”

Felix Böhm

“ownCloud 11 - The strategic approach to the future of ownCloud” | “Updating ownCloud and semantic versioning”

Hauke Melius

“Lock-out unbranded ownCloud clients with OAuth”

Hugo Gonzalez Labrador

“From application to service development” | “What is special in CERNBox?”

Javier Gonzalez

“CI/CD of ownCloud new iOS App with Bitrise and Fastlane”

Jean-Marie de Boer

“Performance testing of OwnCloud using VirtualBox and Apache JMeter”

Jesus Recio

“Present & Future of the oC mobile apps”

Jörg Eberwein

“The ownCloud Partnership Strategy”

Jörn Friedrich Dreyer, Principal Engineer ownCloud Infinite Scale, ownCloud GmbH

“Deep Dive into ownCloud Storage Scaling”

Juan Pablo Villafáñez

“Data_exporter app showcase - live demo”

Julian Müller

“Calendar 1.6: New recurrence features”

Ksenia Fedoruk, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, ONLYOFFICE

“ONLYOFFICE: seamless collaboration for your enterprise”

Marlin Baumgart

“Vue.js Framework Insights”

Michael Stingl, Lead Engineer ownCloud Desktop & Mobile, ownCloud GmbH

“Present & Future of the oC mobile apps”

Nico Gulden

“Easy and maintainable ownCloud setups in Active Directory environments”

Olivier Goffart

“Desktop Client latest features and highlights”

Oshan Ivantha

“GSoC with ownCloud”

Pablo Carrascal

“How to integrate the new ownCloud iOS SDK in your app”

Patrick Jahns

“Large Scale ownCloud Deployments on public Cloud Providers (AWS,Azure)” | “Delivering Continous Testing for large open source projects: Drone CI” | “Monitoring ownCloud”

Patrick Maier, Senior Product Manager, ownCloud GmbH

“Document Classification and Policy Enforcement with ownCloud” | “ownCloud Server - Latest News and Roadmap”

Semih Serhat Karakaya

“Rocket.Chat ownCloud Integration”

Thomas Boerger

“Deploy ownCloud on Kubernetes/Swarm”

Thomas Müller

“Microsoft Office Online Server Integration with ownCloud”

Tim Huijzers

“My first year with Event-sourcing”

Tom Needham

“Customer Portal: ownCloud as a Platform” | “From Idea to Published: Build an App in 30 Minutes.”

Vincent Petry

“ownCloud Server - Latest News and Roadmap”